End of An Era?? More and fashion and trendy dresses

This Friday brings the end of Celebrity Big Brother... Sadly, I am sad

I have never been one for CBB, but this years housemates are proper celebs (well, most of them!) and I have been glued to the telly.

Who would have thought that our hero from "Usual Suspects" and loveable stoner in "Bio Dome" would turn out to be a bit of a preacher? Very, very interesting and a complete eye opener! Originally I was backing Vinnie Jones to win... but don't ask me why, I am really starting to back Dane Bowers... Stephanie would be a great winner too! She is lurvley! Sooo looking forward to watching the final on Friday night... Bye bye to Davina's witty banter (until June), bye bye to Gorgeous George Lamb (until June) bye bye CBB forever??? Lets hope not!... Oh and the lovely Davina herself has now entered the house - this should be good!

Stephen Baldwin back in the day

Anywho, Goddiva's trendy little birdie has been whispering sweet and upcoming trends to us and I am pleased to say that big, bold African prints will be making their way from the catwalk to the hightstreets! The bright and bold colour patterns are eye catching and a breath of fresh air!


Marc by Marc Jacobs / Spring 2010

Current trends are very girly indeed with old English Rose prints, lots of frills, ruffles and tutus in lovely, floaty blush and nude colours. Throw in a few denim pieces (bags included) and you are done!

Vintage Rose Print - think, summer playsuit,

tea dresses! Yes!!

Ruffles and Frills in nudes and blush! Oh so girly 


Nautical stripes and designs are very big at the moment but if you're not too crazy about anchors and ropes - any striped Tee will do :) Remember blues, reds and whites!

Jessica Alba - simple Nautical 


Dita Von Teese - Nautical, Nautical, Nautical!

Nautical Catwalk

A very simple, yet great and flexible trend!

Just a quick little Goddiva info... As it has been such a long month, spend £25 or more you will receive a Goddiva Keyring Gift! A little THANK YOU from the Goddiva Team

Thats it from me... until next time!


ps (500) Days of Summer... watch it! It's my new favourite movie :)


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