Carrie And The Girls Are Back!

With all the leaked pics turning up, I am getting more excited by the day for the new movie!! I have always been a massive fan of the series, but must admit I was not keen on seeing the 1st movie – as most series-to-movies are flops and they tend to lose their edge... but when I watched the Sex and the City movie – I was very pleasantly surprised!

The SATC Girls

I have not heard much about the story line of the new film, BUT (look away if you don’t want to know the any rumours!!) I hear that they have included the awful recession in the story line which means Big loses money and goes to London to work without Carrie. He then sleeps with another woman he meets at a bar – and Carrie finds out she is preggars!! Can the plot get any thicker than that??? I must admit that I never liked Big... I was always TEAM AIDAN !

Carrie and Aidan 

In the most recent leaked pics, Carrie is seen wearing a gorgeous purple sparkly dress and a lovely floaty white dress which belong to Halston Heritage, a new line launched by the fashion label who were massive in the Disco era! How very clever! Just have a look at her stunning Gold Christian Louboutins!!! Christian Louboutins SJP in Halston Heritage

So with no further ado, let’s go back and reminisce all things SATC made us fall in love with!

Carrie’s Apartment:

The Kitchen

The Closet Hallway

If you were a fan of Carrie's old apartment - take a look at Casa Sugar who have managed to put together a colour palette of Carrie's apartment - brilliant!

The Cosmopolitan

The very delicious Cosmo Cocktail! Have a look at In The Spirit for the perfect recipe. Cosmopolitan Cocktail

The Wardrobes:

The SATC girls have graced us with their gorgeous wardrobes for many years... To get the look have a look at these images I found on - they are truly amazing and put together wardrobes with most celebrities in mind.

Well I hope I have got you all excited for the new movie! Be inspired and have an SATC night out with your girlfriends!
Take Care


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