This week we have let another Influencer take over our GODDIVA GIRL Blog and hold on to your hats as this time we will be finding out more about the life and style of the fast and fabulous RollinFunky... Clara Holmes is the gorgeous lady behind RollinFunky; she lives in London and has been vegetarian for 17 years and gluten free vegan for 3 years so well ahead of the current lifestyle of choice. She spends her time filling the airwaves with her TV channel, Blog and Instagram pages all filled to the brim with gorgeous fashion so she’s a girl right up Goddiva's street! Clara is an inspiration and her motto is, “I am a woman with a disability, not a disabled woman” which screams loud and proud from her hot pink home page. She has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) a form of Hypermobility Syndrome (HMS), which is an inherited connective tissue disorder, it’s a very painful condition and due to which she has been a full-time wheelchair user for over 10 years now. However, she is more than her pain and her wheelchair, you will most likely find her sipping a cocktail rocking a fabulous pair of shoes and a Goddiva evening dress. So let's discover why the aspiring model decided to share her experiences, passions and to inspire others, while she’s RollinFunky through life… A maxi dress can take you anywhere so if you are searching for a sparkly dress as Clara shows here modeling our Goddiva champagne dress with one sleeve, the perfect party dress or if you are lucky enough to need it even a red carpet dress moment would be perfect in this gold gown.

DR2020-CHAMPAGNE - £85 - available in navy

Goddiva-one-sleeve-sequin-maxi-dress-champagne Goddiva-one-sleeve-sequin-maxi-dress-champagne[/caption] What inspired you into becoming an influencer? And what is the most rewarding thing about being an influencer? I always loved fashion ever since I was young, then when I became a wheelchair user I struggled to adjust to my new way of life. As I became comfortable and accepted myself and I became comfortable with my body my confidence grew and became more confident than I ever been. I started to experiment with styles more and more when going out; I refused to let my wheelchair hold me back. People started coming up to me in the streets and in bars and clubs giving me compliments on my fashion style and lifestyle, they would ask, “Do you have a blog?” I then investigated it and realized there wasn’t many blogs or influencers out there sharing their life and living how I do. So, I decided I would. I wanted to show the positive side of someone living with a disability. It really was the best decision I could have made to begin the blog. I get contacted by people for all of the worlds with or without a disability thanking me for what I am doing and how much I touch them, inspired them taught them to self-love and empowered them, which is just amazing, which inspires me too. Anyone for bubbles? Our Goddiva blue dress is the perfect going out dress with its beautiful royal blue shade and diamante buckle detailing shows a short dress can still be full of class.

DR2214VP-ROYALBLUE - £45 - available in cerise

vicky-pattison-buckle-bandeau-midi-dress-royalblue Vicky-pattison-buckle-bandeau-midi-dress-royalblue[/caption] How would you describe your style? I would describe my style as trendy, classy, glamorous and feminine. I love to wear a dress and only ever wear heels unless I am in the gym and I like to dress appropriately for the occasion. If my style were an ice cream it would be raspberry ripple with sprinkles! Add a bit of neon to your summer dress sense with this gorgeous lime dress from Vicky Pattison Collection, with its flattering halter neck this green dress is the perfect date night dress on those hot summer nights.

DR2209VP-LIME - £45 - available in orange

vicky-pattison-halter-neck-midi-dress-lime vicky-pattison-halter-neck-midi-dress-lime[/caption] Which celebrity would you compare your style to? I would say my style is a bit of Beyoncé, a bit of Rihanna and a bit of Kim Kardashian - West all rolled into one! Beyoncé because I opt for classy chic styles, Rihanna because I love to be experimental with styles and colours and of Kim Kardashian – West because I am embracing my womanly curves and sexiness! If your looking for the most perfect wedding guest dress look no further than our Goddiva frill hem cerise dress, a long dress to take you from day to night so the perfect occasion dress and something like this bold dress will make you stand out beautifully in those wedding group photos.

DR2289-CERISE - £49 - available in black

Goddiva-double-hem-frill-maxi-dress-cerise Goddiva-double-hem-frill-maxi-dress-cerise[/caption] What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Goddiva? Glamorous dresses! The last few years has seen the return of the midi dress and Clara beautifully models the Goddiva Vicky Pattison Collection Pink dress in a fabulous hot pink shade.

DR2231VP-HOTPINK - £45 - available in nude

Vicky-pattison-back-strap-detailed-midi-dress-hot-pink Vicky-pattison-back-strap-detailed-midi-dress-hot-pink[/caption] What occasions would you pick a Goddiva dress for? I would pick a Goddiva dress for attending a wedding, enjoying the opera, a day at the races, attending red carpet award shows, black tie events, for new years eve celebrations, parties, nights out on the town and of course date night. Basically anywhere you want to turn heads and women are always asking me where did you get your dress/outfit from! Follow Clara on … Contact Clara would love to hear from you. Also follow her on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest @rollinfunky. Website - Save


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