10 On-Trend Cardigans To Keep You Cozy, Sexy And Stylish In 2021

Cardigans are finally receiving the limelight they deserve. It's like when Leonardo DiCaprio couldn't seem to bag an Oscar for what felt like centuries, and kept getting nominated endlessly only to walk out annually in a never-ending, VICIOUS cycle empty-handed - and then to finally receive it in 2016 for 'The Revenant' (thank GOSH)! My point is, if you may - cardigans have always been the Leos in our wardrobes- we've been neglecting them for years and not fully appreciating just how much sartorial style, class and elegance they have to offer. Nonetheless, it all changed a few years ago when celebrities were papped wearing variants of the underrated, meagre cardie (remember Katie Holmes' revenge cardigan that sold out in a matter of mili-seconds?):

Katie Holmes Speaks About Her Viral Cashmere Bra Look | Vogue


Since that iconic cardigan moment, we've been spoilt with a number of celebs showing us how to perfectly style, layer and weave in a simple, (previously boring) cardie into the perfect, head-turning outfit. How can we forget when Taylor Swift literally sent a bunch of 'Folklore' cardigans to a number of her celeb-besties

Getty Images: Taylor Swift, Jonathan Van Ness, Cardigan

Or how about the slinky, sexy new variant birthed by a number of millennial celebs (like Queen Bella, seen below): The Almighty Sexigan.

How celebrities including Katie Holmes, Bella Hadid and Kaia Gerber have  turned the granny cardie into a 'sexigan'

It's high time we join the celeb-cardie-club, brimming with oversized, chunky alternatives or teasing sexigans for your day-to-play wardrobe. A quick trip to the shops? The cardie has you. A romantic dinner followed by the cinema? The. Cardie. Has. You. It's become the style staple of the season, oozing in effortless sexy, and we've chosen the best cardigans in the market for you to choose from.


Boyfriend Cardigan, £18.90 by Hollister

The classic take on the cardigan - the Boyfriend Cardie by Hollister is in a comfy, lightweight cotton and beautiful ribbed trim texture.

Boyfriend Cardigan


Hillevi Cardigan, £45 by Weekday

The stunning Hillevi Cardigan has everything you need in a warm, cosy cardie; it's cropped, it's woven in yarn, wool and alpaca and those on-trend balloon sleeves make it the perfect style essential.

Hillevi Cardigan, £45 by Weekday


Ribbed Cardigan, £30 by Monki

This screams Bella Hadid to us; it's the perfect sexigan if you're a little chilly but not minus-4-degrees-chilly. Pair it with a bra, or skip the bra and live a little and give it the true Bella treatment. Show some of your gorgeous skin, but keep cosy!

Monki Ribbed cardigan in Purple


On Trend Star Cardigan, £45 by Aimelia Apparel

Test out printed, long cardigans with this slim-fitted option, perfect with a vest and pair of jeans.

On Trend Star Cardigan



Oversized Jacquard Cardigan, £49.99 by Zara

Fall in love with Zara's buttery printed cardie with rhinestone buttons and ribbed trims.

Oversized Jacquard Cardigan 

Cream Ribbed Knit Button Up Cardigan, £14.99 by New Look

Add a bit of spice to the cream classic with vintage, print-adorned buttons.

Cream Ribbed Knit Button Up Cardigan 

Soft Touch Knitted Longline Cardigan, £29.50 by Marks & Spencer

Dip into M&S elegance with their longline cardigan selection, perfect for wintery days where comfort and style sublimely balance.

M&S Longline Cardigan 

Argyle Knit Cardigan, £25.99 by Zara

Pretty pinks and pastels coupled with flower buttons give the classic cardie by a stunning romantic upgrade.



Alpaca-blend Cardigan, £39.99 by H&M

A favourite over here at Goddiva, cosy never felt so good with a wool and aplaca blend to birth a fluffy delight. 

Aplaca-blend cardigan


ASOS DESIGN Curve Oversized Cardigan In Animal Pattern, £32 by ASOS

We love animal prints, and we love the perfect go-to cardie for unpredictable, last-minute-errands by ASOS.



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