STYLE GUIDE: How To Effortlessly Pull Off Mini Dresses This Winter

There's a rumour circulating the fashion realm that we girlies can't wear mini dresses during winter, and it's time it gets shoved away as the biggest myth of the fashion-century! Holiday season might be different this year, but it doesn't mean we won't be able to dress up in the comfort of our own homes (with socially-distanced, festive rendezvous)! We know what you're thinking, "me, in a mini party dress on a cold night?" With Halloween and Christmas coming up in full swing, you might opt for maxi dresses instead of a shorter, mini alternative but...


If your signature style is a mini party dress, and you're suddenly fumbling over how to wear them in such preposterous weather - fear not! While others might opt for jeans and jumpers for a night out, believe in the possibility of pulling off a short number - with our tips and tricks for wearing minis no matter what the season! Please do NOT stash away your dresses this winter. Our easy hacks to dressing up this chilly season will give you a source of relief - don't think you can't ooze sultry and tease when it's cold out!

Being cozy and sexy is the new, winning mantra. Us girlies have approximately 75% of dresses dominating our wardrobes, so it's justified to slip into them all throughout the year. It's all about pairing your minis with appropriate complements to knock your look out the park and feel confident all night long. Parties won't simmer down this year, and if you think you can't show off some legs without turning into a walking icicle, think again!

Black tights are your best friend.

Keep your legs warm in a variety of tights - varying in denier (the higher the denier, the warmer you'll be, right?) - from chic black to a variety of patterned ones, you really can't go wrong with black. Be it opaque or patterned, black is the signature staple for all dresses, and you can experiment with pairing just about any bold, striking Christmas colour with it.

For example, a sultrysequin dress basking in emerald glitter would go perfectly with anykind of black tights. If you haven't already heard, emeralds are the ultimate festive colour, so give your wardrobe some love with a green goddess look... This skater hem skirt is DIVINE, flirty and will have you feeling airy and free all night long. The chiffon is delicate, subtle and with that gorgeous sweetheart neckline, you'll be the show-stopper of the occasion.

Spaghetti Strap Sequin And Chiffon Mini Skater Dress in emerald, £49

Another shimmering evening option is the Cross Over Sleeveless Mini Skater Dress in red, now only £29. This wine-red mini wraps around you in the most exquisite manner, with a dripping cross-wrap neckline that will make this dress your new sexy go-to!

Glittery, sparkly tights are another go-to to keep you sparkling, (and warm)!

Feeling impulsive and adventurous? Forget black tights. Instead, go wild with glittery alternatives for a mini, and you'll have the head-turning, festive must-have.    The Goddiva Sequin & Chiffon Mini Dress in Navy, £65 is the perfect dress to couple with glittery tights. Midnight navy and blues glisten in Christmas moonlight like no other, so splash on a glittery sequin pair of tights to ooze glitz and glamour!   Another fabulous party dress to pair glittery tights with is the playful Open Back Mini Sequin Dress in champagne, now £19. It’s a pretty explanatory dress really - it’s fun, it’s devilish and with those drool-worthy, twinkling champagne sequins - you’ve got the top-tier outfit you were looking for right here. 

Add a thermal or a slip underneath your dress

Adding a thermal slip underneath your outfit is a great hack, and with so many options online, you'll find many perfect hideaways for your OOTN.


 Pair a thermal with a high neck mini, like our stunning, shimmering Goddiva Fringe Hem Embellished Mini Dress, in silver, £99. This exclusive, Gatsby-esque fringe mini is as swanky as it gets! The intricate beading and hand-woven embellishments drip in 1920's aesthetics - with a dazzling, modern twist on the length!

Winter calls for darker, warmer colours, so if you'd rather have a deep, gorgeous navy instead of the crushed silver, slip into the Goddiva Fringe Hem Embellished Mini Dress in navy, £99. It's time to go VOGUE as the galactical patterns sculpt your body with style. 

Don't want to hide your dress? Layer appropriately with floor-length coats

With a great, cosy coat you'll be able to get away with showcasing your evening attire all night long, even when you're travelling back and forth - and if you make it floor-length, you've got the regal, Hollywood, A-lister nabbed up in the bag. Remember, you can pair all your mini dresses with a long coat and put paid to any fears of feeling cold! While we recommend tights, a long coat will give you the option to go bare AND stay warm... A floor-length coat will go great with our Sequin Scalloped Hem Mini Dress in gold, £38. With such gleaming tapestry, and a majestic, Grecian touch you can leave accessories to a bare minimum - so a floor-length coat (and some heels of course) will be more than enough! 

Not a fan of long coats?

Then a faux-fur cropped coat is the one for you. If you've got your tights sorted, then you'll be able to easily pull off a cropped/midi coat that keeps your upper bod warm! Slip into a complementary tone to your dress:


We've got the perfect minis that fit a faux fur cropped coat like a glove! The Goddiva Sequin Scalloped Hem Mini Dress in blush, £65 below is honestly magnificent, with beaming, starry sequins embossed so daintily, hanging off the flirty scalloped hem.

Boot it up!

Now we reach the tricky part. We’ve done tights, we’ve covered coats, we’ve even covered thermal slips (godsends, really). When it comes to shoes we’re lucky to be in a time where there’s a wide range of winter variants that will keep our tootsies cosy. Wintertime shoes have to be sensible, and contrary to popular belief, there’s no rocket science behind picking the perfect pair of season-appropriate heels; as long as you’ve got a pair of tights on (be it skin, opaque, what have you!), then you should be able to pull off most of your favourite pairs - but please do opt for more sensible choices; ankle boots, platform heels and pumps will keep your feet warm more so than open-toe stilettos! Semi-formal dresses, like the Goddiva Flapper Fringe Mini Dress in Navy, £40 is the ideal evening dress to pair some boots with, for example.Not feeling bolder colours? We have a nude alternative for semi-formal festivities like the Goddiva Flapper Fringe Mini Dress in nude, £40. Pair this fringe wonder with some nude boots!                        I hope that's cleared up some obstacles you might be having when it comes to mini dresses in winter... It really is as simple as that! Shop our new ins, and keep an eye out for our new AW20 collection for all the latest looks, perfect for the colder months!
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