The Best Movie Prom Dresses Of All Time

The best years of your life? Hollywood offers mixed reviews about this rites of passage event that embraces the best (and worse) of fashion. We couldn’t resist the chance to list our favourite movie prom dressmoments of all time.

1. Andie Walsh (played by Molly Ringwald), Pretty in Pink.

We love Andie’s love of thrift and sewing skills (Andie is stoney broke so can only make her own clothes). Ok, so the pink spotty dress is very much of the 80’s era but we’ll take the on trend cut out elements of Andie’s prom dress for inspiration.

2. Sandy (played by Olivia Newton John), Grease.

We can’t resist a prom movie transformation from good girl to vixen but at the Grease prom we are still in “wholesome” Sandy mode – cue a sweet cream three quarter length dress. Yes it’s perfectly nice but wouldn’t you rather be wearing Cha Cha’s show stopping prom dress?

3. Cady Heron (played by Lindsey Lohan), Mean Girls.

Cady gets in with the A list girl clique “The Plastics” only to become a frenemy when she falls for one of the girls’ boyfriends. We loved her sporty prom get up –positive proof that layering is hot!

4. Laney Boggs (played by Rachel Leigh Cook), She’s All That.

The coming of age transformation is complete come prom night when Laney slips into a classic L.B.D - we could always see the potential even when she was wearing dungarees.

5. Carrie White (played by Sissy Spacek), Carrie.

We are all enjoying seeing the timid and abused girl coming out of her shell in a pretty pink silk slip at the prom until a school prank pushes her to the edge and she unleashes the potential of her telekinesis. Not one for the easily frightened and it will certainly put you off wearing a pale colour!

6. Lux Lisbon (played by Kirsten Dunst), The Virgin Suicides.

Faded florals and floor length chiffon? Mrs Lisbon tired her best to make her daughters wear the frumpiest homemade frocks but on a young blonde Kirsten this looks elegantly boho.

7. Gabriella Montez (played by Vanessa Hudgens), High School Musical.

Before Vanessa re-branded to good girl gone bad, lets remember her as sweet teen Gabriella Montez in High School Musical. We loved her dance skills and ability to pick a dress which looks great and allows her to dance like her life depended on it.

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