Style Icons - Debbie Harry

Style Icons – Debbie Harry

This week we’re channeling New York and their New Wave/Punk poster girl Debbie Harry of Blondie. It wasn't until her mid thirties that Debbie found fame as the lead singer and songwriter of Blondie and now into her sixth decade she has stayed true to her rock heritage with her love for punk fashion, proving that style is a state of mind that does not have an age limit. Here we look at the looks that cemented her into the Goddiva style hall of fame.

Debbie’s Style Rules


1) The First Rule of punk is their are no rules – just look how fashion forward Debbie was, double denim fifteen years before it became a thing in the 1980’s and today. We are also loving that spot and stripe print mix, Debbie was light years ahead of 2014 trends, what a pioneer.

2) Learn to love the one shouldered look. A key trend of the late 1970’s/80’s it showcased a good clavicle (that bony part under your neck and between your shoulders), trust us it’s very sexy. Shop one shouldered dresses here.

3) Thigh high boots. We love this look as it’s a bit more rock n’ roll and way sexier than it’s sensible knee high little sister. Debbie had the right idea by wearing them with black tights but you can also show a little flesh (as long as it’s just a little, no skirts that look like a belt here thanks as its way too OTT.) Also only go for black and leather rather than patent unless of course you are a rock star in which case you can probably get away with red thigh high boots any day of the week.

4) Re-connect with a neck scarf. They've been away so long we've forgotten how cool they can look. Layer over a fine knit cashmere knit or layer alongside multiple pendent chains over a rock tee. If you like the mannish trend wear a man’s cravat or tie loosely around an open necked shirt (nonchalant attitude obligatory)

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