Style Icons - Alexa Chung

Alexa’s Style Rules

1) Embrace denim. The one thing we know about Alexa is that she loves her denim and likes to re-style classic skinny jeans and shorts time after time. Alexa makes it her own by wearing with over the knee socks and pairs with classic items like a black blazer and white shirt or Breton top.

2) The classics. Here Alexa shows that it’s always good to have your own personal style formula – she knows what shapes work for her and likes classics which she can come back to time and time again. Sixties shift dresses work on her boyish frame as well as the more voluminous 70’s smock tops and dresses. She also likes to experiment with boyfriend basics too like the black biker jacket, tuxedo trousers and shirts.

3) Get your proportions right. The girl has a natural instinct for volume and makes a super short mini skirt look cool by wearing with a chunky oversized sweater. That over sized sweater look again comes in handy with a pleated full skirt - by adding an unexpected Aran knit Alexa makes a demure and prim skirt look fashion forward. We salute you Chung with your proportion control.

4) Monochrome Magic. If all else fails you need a fool proof look that you know works for every occasion. The classic combo of black and white is Alexa’s trump card and always looks good with classic accessories and a red lip.

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