Prom Dresses with Blake Lively

Prom is around the corner and you are wondering how to have that picture-perfect gorgeous look. On top of your checklist is the hairstyling, whether to leave your hair untied, half tied or in a neat bun. Well we would recommend, let your hair flow this Prom like our forever nonchalant look by Blake Lively carried in Gossip Girl with a hint of elegance and chirpiness. As you choose our beautiful shades of wines and lavender dresses from our Goddiva Prom Dress collection this hairdo would very well compliment.                    This Pleated Chiffon Maxi Dress by Goddiva is this Green Dresses embellished with sparkling crystals which is so tempting to be worn by any girl this summer.  Its stunning sleeveless style would let you showoff your slender arms and that attractive collar bones to woo the guys away. Accessorizing yourself with a delicate diamond, crystal bracelet or long dangling earrings would complete the entire look. Also a nice silver clutch bag with silver heels would be a stunner. The beautiful Barbie like lilac strapless V-cut prom dress has been our favorite girly look this summer with a cute pink satin belt bow at the back. This dress has unbelievable combination of sequins and embroidery. It would be so tempting to keep your hands off this lilac dress with such an amazing looking style. When worn with nice silver or lavender colour heels it would give your legs the right sexy feel. You can gear it up with pretty looking wreathes and lovely pink and lavender tourmalines or amethyst earrings. It has a bit of Hannah Montanna look which is so adorable. This gorgeous Coral colour, embroidered back detailed Prom Dress from Goddiva has perfect look for a Summer Prom.  It is elite and soulful. Like a girl wearing this dress would be that charming young girl who is waiting for her dimple cheeked boy to take her after the party. With a fine-looking chiffon skirt that flows freely in the summer wind gives a Marylin monroe effect. This dress could be worn with hot heels of nude colour with a subtle makeup. Coral colour embellished clutch bag to give more party look. Nice coral stone dangling earrings are a wonderful add on. You and friends can now wear this beautiful Prom collection by Goddiva together to look fun and interesting. Finally, for a photo idea get those lovely props and make goofy faces to get cute pictures. Don’t forget to pose like ‘in the air high school musical’ in our Prom Divalicious Dresses.
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